Helping governments communicate with the public

We’re building Measured Voice to solve a problem faced by government organizations at all levels: the need to communicate briefly, frequently, and directly with citizens.

We initially built Measured Voice to collaborate with our government clients on writing social media messages, scheduling them to go out at the right time, and measuring their impact. The collaborative nature of the tool has let us work closely with clients as they find their social media voice. We used it internally for about a year before we decided to open it up to other people who might want to use it. Over time, a handful of government agencies and programs found it and started using it, including the the IRS, USDA, and FCC among others. We’ve loved hearing from other people who have found the tool and found it valuable.

 - Measured Voice: “Why We’re a Civic Startup”

Check out this post from Jed Sundwall from Measured Voice on why they are a civic startup and why they applied for the CfA Accelerator.

Applications close on June 1; apply now:

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