What is very exciting about U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) ‘Commerce Business Apps Challenge’ is that this is another Commerce contribution to the President’s Open Innovation agenda. We’ve been releasing data on Data.gov for years, but now we are using that data in a way that businesses can more easily consume so they can grow and create jobs. As Vint Cerf of Google said, ‘Unlocking US Government data will not only stimulate new uses for it but also draw attention to this vital trove of information that has likely lain fallow for lack of visibility and digital accessibility.’

— Department of Commerce app challenge: An interview with Mike Kruger

More opportunities for civic startups and the context for our Civic Startup Accelerator. Open government commerce data is a big and growing opportunity for startups.

Application deadline is June 1; apply now: codeforamerica.org/accelerator

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