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Ready for the CodeAcross organizers’ hangout!

Ready for the CodeAcross organizers’ hangout!


OpenShift meets #BetaNYC, a #CfABrigade for NYC.


@ryanj representing @openshift and @OpenOakland at #betaNYC at @nyurudin! #cfabrigade

Tonight, #BetaNYC was honored to have OpenShift as a sponsor and have two of their best evangelists show us how to make better civic apps. Now, we are ready to build scalable apps and hand them off to others. Thank you Red Hat’s Fotios Lindiakos and Ryan Jarvinen

PS - It was great to have Ryan, an OpenOakland member, share his experiences with west coast #CivicHackNights.

The more we examine how civic hackathons work and the more we evaluate what they produce, the better we’ll get at running them and the more we’ll all get out of them.
Mark Headd, civic hacker; participant, organizer or sponsor (sometimes as more than one)

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